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Pricing and Contract Info 
Our puppies are $1200 - $1000. We believe that each of our puppies are a part of our family and are raised as if they are all our own.  When you get an Augi puppy from us, you aren't just paying for the puppy but for the service that we provide for each puppy and to you. 
We will never send a puppy home at 6 weeks! The earliest we send one home is 8, usually keep them until 10 and often until 12 weeks of age. In that time they get wormed every 2 weeks and will have their first Vet wellness check and immunizations at 6 to 7 weeks old.  If they are still here at 11-12 weeks they will have their second set of shots.  We start them on puppy pad training and move to full potty training with the use of a bell at the door before they leave.  If time allows we also start them on leash training. Of course, each puppy and each litter is different, and we always go at the individual puppy's pace and comfort level. Some puppies leave fully puppy pad trained and some may leave fully bell trained! Others haven't quite grasped the concept, and we never push them past what they are comfortable learning.  We even work on first commands such as "sit", "off" (for jumping up) and "No chew" when caught in the act of chewing on something they are NOT supposed to, like shoes! :)
We raise the puppies in our home. They learn to be well behaved indoors and outdoors. We take them out and about to get them used to car rides, behaving in their pen, meeting new people and dogs, and get used to all kinds of sights and sounds.
We also socialize our puppies with cats, kids, pigs and whatever else might be around at any time. Not much will phase your puppy when you get it home. When you get an Augi puppy, you will have a very smart, well mannered, highly socialized, well adjusted happy healthy puppy!
We feed our puppies Wilderness from Blue Buffalo for puppies, which is grain free. We don't expect you to feed them the same, but highly recommend a high quality grain free food. Each puppy will come with a small bag of food to help transition to a new food.
Do we ship?  Yes we do, we have puppies all over the United States! Shipping runs $450.00 and includes vet check, health certificate, crate and airfare. This cost is additional to the cost of your puppy and conditional to the time of year and weather. I may also travel up to 150 miles to deliver a puppy for a small additional fee.
What forms of payment do we accept? We accept all forms of payment including payment plans.(Any payments made with PayPal and Credit Cards, add 3% for their fees) A deposit of $250 is required to hold a puppy and will be NON-refundable, just contact us and we will be happy to work with you. 

We also want you to know that we are here for you even after you get home with your new puppy.  You will always be a part of the Augi Puppies family. Whatever qustions or concerns that you have, even if it's 6 months or 6 years, we are here to answer your questions or help with advice. All of our Augi Puppies families have been more than happy with their new member of the family and keep in touch with us!  We love hearing about how they are doing and getting pictures!